Our Business Agenda

Our Business Agenda

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Agility and DevOps

Today businesses needs to bring in Agility in operations and the ways it delivers the services to their clients. At Yash Solutions we have a framework that allows easy path to DevOps with our phased approach and total coverage across all involved teams.

We build end to end automation and integrate your existing tools and technologies to create a platform that provides all stakeholders the information they need without having to do a lot of back and forth between their teams.

DevOps is complementary to being Agile and you can adopt it at any level of maturity.



Data on demand

Testing your application with limited data can only end in new bugs emerging in production systems. We help testers and developers to test against production scale data to cover all scenarios.

Data on Demand is a boon to various quality assurance teams and allows them to request and get testing environments ready in a few minutes rather than weeks! Speed up your innovation and reduce the dependencies between teams with self service portals. You can feel blessed with your teams being happy and getting features delivered at a greater speed.



Moving to Containers

MicroService and containers are the next big thing for legacy applications. We help you move your existing services to containers and bring them more agility with features like zero downtime, faster deployments, service discovery, easy rollbacks and complete audit.

Either you go with Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, OpenShift or Rancher, you can count on us to deliver a world class platform to manage your services with full automation.




Application Migrations

Application migration is a complex operation that requires high precision of execution and great expertise. We help you at every phase of the migration process and achieve migrations with least or no impact to current processes. The new environment will be better than before with tools that allow easy control over the existing processes. Your applications and teams will be happy to work in the new environment.

We are equipped with skills, expertise, right tools and technology partners to make sure we get you to your goals. We work with the best technologies in market and have expertise that is approved by the technology creators themselves.



Release Management

Managing multiple releases and making sure all of them are done right is a mammoth task done manually. We make sure that the process is designed in an optimum way that allows every release to land in production without issues. We iron out the issues like branching strategies, build execution, test executions, enormous build times, environment provisioning, reports generation, data integration and data updation in related applications.

Each change is auditable and is passed through the delivery stages using end to end automation. Your releases are just a click away or even automated if you like!



We welcome new possibilities, innovations and initiatives and strive hard to bring the same to our customers. Call us now to discuss more.

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