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YashOne - Automation For Complete System Integration

User experience

User specific UI and indicators for the related Applications supporting the Line of Business


We provide visibility and transparency across an application for resources, processes and infrastructure

Automation for Agility

End to end automation of your existing tools, solutions and technologies eliminates redundant processes

We built YashOne to address your problems

Why do you need YashOne

YashOne is a common platform for Business and IT that provides visibility, transparency and audit across Lines of Business. It provides self service to your people and helps eliminate redundancies.

Autonomous teams

YashOne enables teams to work autonomously with creativity, mastery and business purpose.

Audit all over

Builds a robust auditable system that is safe and allows people to experiment and learn.

Eliminates redundancies

YashOne eliminates the redundant processes in the software development and speeds it up.


Shift from the current state of maintenance and break-fix to innovation and creativity.


Access information in real time to view all aspects of IT from the C-Level throughout the organization. 


Using your tools and technologies we run automation in the background of our user interface. 


Users are able to view deployments, fixes & code while sharing valuable insights about their applications.


We set policies for viewing capabilities.  Customized pages are established depending on your role.

Data and code in sync

Provide data on demand for debugging in various environments and allow data versioning as code.


We utilize your existing security technologies into our platform and allow you to adapt in realtime. 

Fast and phased approach

We work in timebound small phases that allows tweaking and adoption with tangible results that satisfy business requirements.

Cloud, hybrid or on-premise

We build the solution on the infrastructure you have got. A mix of cloud and on-premise or a multi-location setup, we deliver!

Analytics ready with audits

Our platform integration comes with analytics ready architecture and tools. Audits are a first class citizen and you always know about who & when.

Monitor and track

Our architecture provides robust logs transfer and guarantees zero loss under software and machine failures and fixes them automatically!

We Love Challenges. Customize YashOne to your needs.

We have all 3 streams covered

Software delivery process requires code, infrastructure and data to flow though stages together to enable complete testing and high standards of Quality.


Starting from the developer’s machines this is the most automated stream. People automate the stages in CI/CD using tools like Jenkins. Complete testing requires the other streams as well.
Code is not enough.


Decisions here are SLA driven. Automation is the most important part and key is to understand that SLAs are around services and not Machines. Automation helps in achieving service SLAs without worrying about machines.


Data is the driver in Business and so is in the delivery process. Data being available for testing and development at the similar scale as production is important. We deliver data on demand in minutes.

Call us. Let’s discuss the possibilities

Our Executive Team

We carry experience across a spectrum of domains and hold together as a one productive team. We love what we do and respect the uniqueness each of us brings to the clan.

Harshad Bhandare

Chief Executive Officer

John Annarelli

Managing Director

Ashish Nanotkar

Chief Technology Officer


comes loaded with


Technology Plugins


Tool Integrations

Yash Solutions in Action

Witness our growth and our work in action. We keep updating this space with out latest work and findings. As we work and deliver on new challenges and innovate for our clients we keep this place flowing with ideas and articles. Keep watching…

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