Data Virtualization

Speed up development and testing

Data Virtualization is an agile integration approach – it delivers a condensed and simplified view of data in real or near real time. The virtualization engine collects data from disparate sources without replication to create a single virtual secured copy of data available for immediate use. The result of data virtualization is substantially improving the quality of data, while ensuring the acceleration of application development and release cycles.

Why Virtualize Data?

Automate workflows

Enable On-Demand Data Access

Deliver Provisioned Data in Minutes Instead of Days

Reduce Required Storage Capacity

Significant Infrastructure Savings

Alleviate Costly and Time-Consuming Manual Processes

Increase Governance and Reduce Risk Through the Use of Policies

How does data virtualization work?

1. Data is collected from disparate sources where it is then condensed into a single copy of production data. 
2. Manage, update, monitor and configure policies for virtual copies ensuring that the right data is available to the right teams as needed.
3. Unlimited virtual copies of production like data is delivered to consumers where they can instantly provision a fully populated, non-production environment in minutes.

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