Red Hat Virtualization Back Up & Recovery

Backup, Restore & Manage

Complete Control Over Backups










Non-Disruptive Backup


Schedule application-aware snapshots via an agentless Data Mover.

Captures complete workload metadata, including applications, OS, VM network configurations, storage volumes, and VMs

Incremental forever and non-disruptive by design.  Completely agentless, instead using native RHV SDKs





One-Click Restore


Recover to a point-in-time from a synthetic full image of your environment

Restores individual files, VMs, workloads, or complete environments

Migrates VMs and workloads to an alternate host, location, or RHV infrastructure.  Save backups to any NFS-compatible storage target 





Self-Service Management


Users can restore individual items, VMs, or full applications on-demand via RHV Manager.  Provides self-service access to administrators without a third-party GUI

Directly integrates into the RHV Manager dashboard & simplifies deployments via lifecycle management tools like Ansible





Unparalleled Data Protection for Red Hat Virtualization


TrilioVault Solves Mission-Critical Use Cases 


*Disaster Recovery
*Test & Dev
*Migration & Upgrades
*Test/Dev Environments

More and more organizations expect shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). Virtualized infrastructure can be large and complex, and the recovery of an application from a backup must be executed with 100% accuracy in a rapid manner. That is why it is also recommended that backups be tested regularly to ensure successful recovery when required.

With Trilio, you can easily move full moments in time or backups onto other parts of your network to test against.

Use TrilioVault to:

Replicate environments into new geolocations or new clouds

Manage a weekly copy from development to QA

Duplicate production to a new environment for upgrades and testing

Why Customers Love TrilioVault – How It Works

TrilioVault fully integrates into your existing virtualized infrastructure without the hassle that comes with custom or agent-based solutions. By using RHV SDKs and Trilio Data Movers (lightweight Python scripts) on each compute node, TrilioVault is able to move data during backup and restore without disruption. No additional servers, no agent installation, and no need to schedule ‘backup windows. TrilioVault is software-only, so you can store your backups to any NFS-compatible device. You can leverage the replication capabilities of the storage system to provide remote replication for disaster recovery.

Compatibility and Support Platforms

Red Hat Virtualization (RHV), Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualization (RHHI-V)

Lifecycle Management


Storage Targets

NFS-compatible storage

Application Awareness

Any VSS-enabled applications

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Native RHV Backup and Recovery