Ansible with Datadog

Install the Datadog Ansible callback integration to:
Get real-time reports on Ansible server runs
Track key Ansible performance metrics across all your servers
Quickly identify and discuss failed Ansible runs.


Accelerate your organization’s DevOps transformation 

Datadog helps organizations build a culture of measurement and observability, which in turn provides fast feedback on operational changes to support development velocity and agility. With more than 350 vendor-supported integrations, Datadog provides turn-key visibility into most application and infrastructure components. Extensible instrumentation and open APIs allow teams across the organization to monitor application performance data, infrastructure capacity, and business KPIs all in the same platform.

Automation can help speed up development

Datadog enables organizations to implement monitoring automation with features like Autodiscovery for automatic configuration of monitoring checks, as well as monitoring-as-code integrations with configuration management and deployment tools.

Gain organization-wide visibility

Visualizations like the service map and network map enable developers to track real-time data flow between services and infrastructure components to build a complete understanding of an application’s architecture and dependencies.