YashOne – Manage K8S clusters on AWS

Lite manage and track k8s clusters on AWS

YashOne manages your kubernetes clusters on AWS, is SRE ready and provides integrations with other tools.


Seamless deliveries with automatic versioning and rollbacks providing 0 click deployments and zero downtime.


Cloud security at forefront as we build security practices right into our delivery pipelines. High quality code and security first approach.


Network automation from creation to firewall updates and everything in between using Ansible. Integrate with Palo alto, F5, Ingresses, Istio, Kong.


Your K8S infrastructure on AWS made easy for application deployments with a mix of Openshift, helm, terraform and boto3

Some key product features

Platform does a lot of things and is able to automate your solutions for you. This is a list of some features that we absolutely love.

Follow our Team

Share and bounce ideas, collaborate and track activities. You will always know the process your teams are making and also allows transparency across all hierarchies.

Operational Thresholds

YashOne is a powerful platform and you can set operational boundaries for it to perform as you like. Set the limits and work worry free.

Granular Status

Check not just the application but the components and services that build it. You can easily track and debug the issues. Tasks are generated automatically on issues.

Relevant Monitoring

Finding issues amoung an ocean of machines and services is an extraordinary feat. YashOne makes it easy by showing what is relevant.

User Tracking

Track your activities so that you can learn from your mistakes. Maybe also revert them! You have a time-machine at your finger tips.

Control Bot

Control bot is your digital assistant whom you can train and let automate your redundant work. It also keeps an eye for you and fixes problems that it knows.

Join us. Let’s make a difference today for a well established tomorrow.