Unblock Application Development – Your tools, your way

Unblock Application Development – Your tools, your way

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The Problem

Many times we have witnessed tools being used stand alone and people being blocked by the process that requires data handover. Tools used in the process are building elements of the delivery pipeline but not the solution. Using standalone tools doesn’t solve the problem but divides the space into multiple silos.

We have witnessed teams growing around tools instead of solutions that matter to the business. This creates silos and more silos as multiple tools are brought in to solve problems. Tools which are operated manually are a bottleneck in the process forcing teams to trade speed for stability and agility for audits.


The Solution

We integrate the tools you use in development and testing and provide end to end automation. Application development is a horizontal path that crosses multiple stages involving multiple tools. Integrating the tools like IDE, version control, testing frameworks and automated builds with any third party dependencies speeds up the process and eliminates bottlenecks in the process. Automation eliminates waiting on people and allows them to work efficiently and effectively at speed.




The process of integration and benefits

We understand that all businesses are operated uniquely and have unique technological needs. Solution providers must realize that implementing generic tools using generic solution architecture does not suit everyone. Yash solutions builds integration using the tools that you already have in your ecosystem. We bridge the gaps in the Delivery pipeline and deliver end to end automation.


The process begins right from the point of code writing and follows through the stages of check in, version control, automated testing, reporting, sanitation checks, artifact management, bug filing and tracking, debugging applications, log access, notifications, access control and status checks. We cover all the stages and tie in the existing or new technologies to build a system that is completely automated.


All the stakeholders have their own window into the system and can manually override the tools if required. Tool integration provides a new and exciting experience than using the tools individually and allows to do things that are not possible with a single tool in the process. Having visibility of the code, data and application status speeds up the process and eliminates the unknowns. The stages like planning, development and testing are integrated together and the data is entered once and can be tracked all through the process.


Integration allows to keep code and data together while testing and allows to reproduce errors for testing production scenarios. We make sure that the system post integration is completely auditable and changes in code and data can be tracked and linked back to the initial planning stage in related tools.


Value add

We stand as Innovation partners to solve problems related to application delivery, automation testing, test data management, data on demand and release management.

We build solutions that are tailored made. Not always you will find tools that suit your needs. Leaders are innovators and take initiatives in exploring new dimensions that never have been tried before.

At Yash solutions we have delivered such innovations and will stand by you in your adventures.