Enabling IT for the Line of Business

Enabling IT for the Line of Business

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CEOs are concerned more than ever about the changes in technology and how these will impact their organizations in the next 5 years.  The biggest fear is a start-up that has a precise go-to-market strategy that will disrupt the marketplace and take away significant market share from current leaders in that space.  “In this article we’re going to discuss how IT can be more responsive for the lines of business.”

DevOps is a buzzword that has the attention of every large enterprise.  Technology is advancing faster than ever.  Skills are changing and new tools are coming out every year.  What does all this mean and how does relate to advancing businesses in making them more responsive to market conditions and client needs?

From an IT perspective teams are on the journey to DevOps.  What this means is debatable, but we can all agree that aligning development with operations and having  teams work together is much more impactful than the traditional waterfall method of development.  Well-functioning IT teams are working to be more agile and using technologies that best fit their environment and goals.  This is a good thing for the business office; however, it is still a work in progress, and enabling IT teams to do end to end automation can prolong this process.  While IT is figuring this out the business side of the house is losing ground since their internal IT teams may not be responsive to their needs.

The concern is if internal IT departments can’t support the line of business then what purpose are they serving for the business?  In today’s world a maintenance and break-fix focus will surely handicap the business and make them vulnerable to competitive risk.  Look at what Uber & Lyft did to the cab industry.  The biggest fear for large corporations is disruption in the market where they quickly lose market share.  No company is immune from this possibility and CEOs know this.  So what is the answer?  DevOps? Outsourcing? Adding an Innovation Department?  Every organization is addressing this issue in a variety of ways.  The key question is will the approach and implementation be quick enough to avoid disruption from a competitor – start-up or traditional – while they figure this out.

These are the things we thought about in releasing our new platform called YashOne.  Our key concern was “how do we enable IT to better support the business office”.    The answer is PURPOSE.  Teams achieved autonomy and mastery long ago, but without purpose their efforts are marginally effective for the business at best.  Our innovation is designed to keep your IT teams engaged and empowered in supporting the line of business.  Our goal in doing this is helping companies avoid risk from a disruptive start-up in your market segment.

We can prove out our technology in your environment over a 12 to 16-week engagement.  This will quickly enable you to reduce risk from disruptions in your market.  If you would like to learn more please reach out to sales@yashsolutions.com.


John Annarelli is the Managing Director at Yash Solutions located in Cumming, GA. Yash Solutions has been established for over 18 years and specializes in application & operation based projects. YashOne is the new version release of our platform built to your enterprise environment.