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The five phases of IT Ops Maturity

Reactive and proactive are two broad categories used to define IT Ops. There are actually five phases of maturity, on the path of Autonomous IT Operations.

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KPIs to assess your IT Ops maturity

To understand and assess which phase your operations map to, we recommend tracking two key performance indicators (KPIs): operational workload and service availability.

Operational workload

Operational workload, put simply, is the amount of effort an organization has to spend on IT Ops. It includes all of the hours spent detecting, classifying, assigning, diagnosing, and remediating incidents. Notably, it includes the hours spent diagnosing whether an incident is non-actionable noise or truly an incident that requires mitigation and remediation. An approximation can be calculated using (Incident Volume Per Month) X (MTTR) = Operational Workload. Here’s how organizations can expect this KPI to change across the five phases of IT Ops maturity

Service availability

Service availability is simply defined as the percentage of uptime for a given service. Any periods of limited availability or non-availability of the service is defined as downtime and can be attributed to either maintenance or incidents. Most organizations strive for at least 99.9% availability and measure it at a sub-service level. It is then aggregated across a business-level service each month. During maintenance and incidents, organizations measure the number of ‘impact minutes’ affecting end-users of that service and subtract that from the total number of minutes in the month, and then divide it by the total minutes in the month. Some organizations apply a modifier to impact minutes based on the number of customers impacted, or the ‘degree’ of impact for a partially functioning service. As organizations improve their IT Ops, service availability should improve, as incidents occur less frequently and are detected, diagnosed, and resolved more quickly. Here’s how organizations can expect this KPI to change across the five phases of IT Ops maturity.

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The three dimensions of IT Ops maturity and their KPIs

In order to achieve a higher level of maturity in IT Ops, multiple activities must be done well at the same time, creating powerful synergies between each of those activities. Those activities can be grouped into three dimensions: Monitoring and event processingIncident management and Operational awareness.

Monitoring and event processing

Monitoring is the raw events from a wide range of sources define an organization’s monitoring coverage and quality. Event processing maturity can be gauged by looking at how events are handled once they are ingested into the IT Operations pipeline.

Incident management

Incident actionability is similar to signal-to-noise, but for incidents rather than events. To measure this metric, take the number of incidents that were resolved without any action (manual or automated) and subtract it from the total number of incidents. Then, divide result by the total number of incidents.

Operational awareness

Operational awareness is the degree to which the organization can apply contextual and situational knowledge available from all sources to improve incident outcomes.

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