Increase Policyholder Loyalty with Precision, Accuracy & Speed.

Insurance companies are challenged with limited opportunities to create meaningful touchpoints with their policyholders.
This can result in lost revenue and a less than stellar customer experience.  

We provide alerts to build better customer relationships through significant insights that will protect drivers and property owners from hazardous weather situations. With a simple opt-in selection on their app, users will receive accurate, localized information in real-time about the potential for dangerous conditions.

Our partner the Weather Company provides these insights using highest quality weather data in the industry.  With millions of data collectors traditional weather sources simply cannot predict the weather using this type of accuracy. 

Enhance your brand, build customer loyalty and reduce claims all while providing a overall better customer experience.  

Personalize Your Alerts

Weather Alerts for engagements delivers personalized messages to your customers via email, API or as an SMS to help them avoid upcoming weather conditions at their geographical location.

Your brand combined with TWC insights allow you to create a strong touchpoint between you and your customers without involving IT.

Through the Weather Company we are able to provide clients with 100x greater coverage than public sources enabling you to send alerts to your customers with accuracy and immediacy. 

Contact us today to learn more about how weather alerts for engagements can better your business.

Weather Alerts for Motorists

​​Natural hazards and disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, flooding, brush fires and hail can significantly damage a persons car simply by being parked in the driveway. 

Branded weather alerts can notify policyholders in real time of weather related events so that they can act to avoid potential damage to their vehicles rather than having to file a claim. 

  1. Increase Policyholder Loyalty
    Helps you provide an estimated ten touch points annually to enhance customer loyalty.
  2. Reduce Claims
    Increases average policyholder value and profitability by helping policyholders avoid claims
  3. Deploy Quickly
    Provides as-a-service delivery, easy configuration and simpler integration with back-end systems to provide nearly IT-free deployment.

Weather Alerts for Property Owners

Weather perils occur with little to no notice that is why we offer weather alerts for property owners. 

Real-time alerts prepare policyholders of storms heading their way so they can protect their home from storm related damage. Minimalize risk and build customer loyalty by offering weather alerts to your customers. 

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