Meet Delivery Commitments Without Weather Constraints 

Suppliers rely on wholesale distribution partners to deliver their goods to stores on time.  Poor weather conditions however not only play a huge impact on the speed to market for these items resulting in lost revenue and dissatisfied suppliers; but also the safety of your drivers and vehicles due to weather perils like black ice, fog, and wind shear. 

Yash Solutions provides weather alerts for distribution companies that leads to on-time deliveries while keeping your employees safe. Drivers will receive accurately localized information in real-time about hazardous road conditions. This will enable you to plan routes intelligently using the most accurate weather data forecasting.  

Our partner The Weather Company provides these insights using the highest quality weather data in the industry.  The weather data combined with Watson Analytics (the most powerful machine learning tool in the IT industry) will give you a competitive edge in the market for efficiency and reducing costs.  With millions of data collectors from cars, cell phones, and airplanes The Weather Channel has far superior data than any other sources in the industry. 

Enhance efficiency, minimize risk and increase customer satisfaction using the power of weather alerts. 
  1. Efficiency
    Plan routing intelligently by using forecasted weather to understand actual driving times, and adjust commitments.
  2. Safety
    Avoid problem roads, or weather events when the likelihood of an accident is greatest
  3. Customer Satisfaction
    In freight and Logistics, being able to bid jobs, knowing you can meet the delivery commitments leads to happy customers and future business.

Personalize Your Alerts

Real-time, hyperlocal alerts will help you to automatically alert your drivers via SMS of incoming weather conditions so they adjust their schedules and routes.  

By email, SMS, or through your existing messaging systems,
Weather Alerts provide an immediate, personalized call-to-action directly to notify drivers of incoming conditions of their geographical location.

Once a Weather Alert has been deployed, use the administrator dashboard to:

  • View who was alerted, where and what kind of alert they received.
  • Zoom in and out, pan to any geographic area, and mouse-over for more detail.
  • Change the timespan to view information for any date range.
  • Output the results in a spreadsheet for further analysis with the analytics tool of your choice.

Through The Weather Company, we are able to provide clients with 100x greater coverage than public sources enabling you to send alerts to your workers with accuracy and immediacy. 

Meet delivery commitments with confidence with the use of Weather Alerts.  

Contact us today to learn more about how Weather Alerts for Distribution can better your business.

Weather Alerts Activity Dashboard

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